Terragni and Lingeri’s CASA RUSTICI


Terragni and Lingeri’s Casa Rustici is going back to its original splendour. Since it was declared a national monument in 1992, a new awareness aimed at the protection was aroused. The stones of the floors, the walls of glass tiles, the marbles of the façades have been restored. Careful stratigraphic analyses have allowed to re-establish materials and colours. This book shows the state the art achieved by such a work of “active safeguard”. A new graphic and iconographic apparatus along with the critical texts by Alessandra Coppa, Giuseppe Marinoni, and Francesco Repishti. Photo by Paolo Rosselli.



Author: Giuseppe Marinoni

Text: Giuseppe Marinoni, Alessandra Coppa e Francesco Repishti

Photo: Paolo Rosselli

Publisher: SMOwnPublishing

Graphic design: Vilma Cernikyte

Language:  English

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